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PlastiKote Twist & Spray Stain Sealer 400ml

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The PlastiKote Twist & Spray Stain Sealer is ideal as a spot primer for covering and sealing interior surfaces before repainting with interior wall or ceiling paints. Its new easy spray technology provides added control to make spray painting easier, faster and cleaner than ever before. The can's large, comfortable finger pad requires 33% less finger pressure than other spray paint cans. The twist and lock mechanism means there is no separate top to remove or replace after use, and the cap and button design shields the finger from paint for a cleaner spray-painting process.

Stain Sealer covers and seals unsightly stains and water spots, and prevents water, smoke, mildew or rust stains from bleeding through.

Touch dry in 15 minutes. Thoroughly dry in 2 - 3 hours.
Coverage: 2.23m² per 400ml.

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