Faithfull Fibreglass Shaft Fencing Maul 6.35kg (14lb)

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The Faithfull Fencing Maul has been designed to drive wooden fencing posts in to the ground. The large flat striking faces help apply an even blow across the head of the post, facilitating accurate and easy driving with minimal damage to the surface being struck.

For added safety each mell head is securely fitted with a 70% solid core fibreglass shaft, which has a smooth polypropylene coating and a soft-grip, non-slip handle for added user comfort. These handles are lightweight and are unaffected by moisture and virtually unbreakable in normal use.

Safety note: Fencing Mells should not be use for driving metal fencing posts.

1 x Faithfull Fibreglass Shaft Fencing Maul 6.35kg (14lb)

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