RIDGID 975 Roll Groover 33033

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The RIDGID 975 Roll Groover acts as 2 tools in one. It can mount onto the 300 Power Drive for machine powered roll grooving, but is also designed to manually roll groove in-place pipe.

The 975 features patented auto tracking technology for significantly easier grooving. The AutoTrack gauge keeps the pipe automatically engaged to the groover throughout the grooving process. In addition, a depth setting gauge enables quicker, repeatable set-up.

When manually grooving, the 975's higher gear reduction means less hand force is required, which is especially helpful for overhead roll grooving.

The 975 roll groover has a tough, ductile iron construction that can absorb jobsite abuse and which provides a long working life.

Sch. 10 Steel and Stainless Steel Pipe: 1.1/4 - 6in.
K, L, M, DWV Copper: 2- 8in.
Sch. 40 PVC: 1.1/4 - 6in.
Operation: Feed Screw with 1/2in Ratchet Wrench (included).
Weight: 10.43kg.

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