Faithfull Premium Arc Cut Wood & Metal Bi-Metal Blade 65mm

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The Faithfull Premium Arc Cut Wood & Metal Bi-Metal Blade is manufactured from a combination of CrV steel with HSS steel teeth to provide an extra-long working life and the ability to cut a wider range of materials including metals. This arc edge saw blade features milled and side set teeth for fine and flush cutting operations. HSS steel blades of this type are very versatile and are suited to work in a wide variety of materials including hardwoods, softwoods, blockboard, chipboard, PVC, aluminium, non-ferrous metal and sheet steel.

Applications include:

- Cutting wood, plastic, sheet steel, copper or aluminium pipes and profiles
- Deep plunge cutting in wood and abrasive wooden products and plastics
- Cutting non-ferrous metal pipes and profiles
- Cutting non-hardened nails, screws and steel profiles

This Faithfull Premium Arc Cut Wood & Metal Blade has the following specification:

Width: 65mm
Cutting Length: 50mm
TPI: 14

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