Flex Power Tools VCE 33 M AC Vacuum Cleaner M-Class with Power Take Off 1400W 240V

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The Flex Power Tools VCE 33 M AC Vacuum Cleaner is fitted with a high-performance turbine that ensures both a high suction capacity and a high vacuum rate. Continuous automatic flat filter cleaning ensures no loss of suction. The flat-fold filter has a Teflon coating/nanocoating that allows optimum use of the tank volume. Flow sensor technology monitors the flow rate and emits a visual and audible signal to indicate any drop below the statutory minimum value of ≤ 20m/s. It is also suitable for wet vacuuming and fitted with electronic liquid level control to prevent over filling.

There is a separate motor air cooling duct fitted with coarse dirt filter that protects the turbine against the ingress of ambient air and thereby extends the service life. Soft start stops any voltage peaks at the start and the run-on feature (15 sec. overrun) empties any remaining dust in the vacuum hose. The suction diameter selector switch adjusts the flow rate to the corresponding task. It is simple and easy to change the filter, as there is no need to remove the suction head.

The vacuum is fitted with a permanent power take off socket and an electronic automatic on/off switch. It has a double-walled, sturdy container with integrated grip recess for easy emptying. It has a dust-protected, antistatic finish that prevents electric charging of the suction hose. Equipped with large wheels and 2 swivel guide rollers made of metal.

Class M safety vacuum cleaner, suitable for all dusts with OEL values ≥ 0.1mg/m³. Specifically for mineral and timber dusts (also beech and oak).

Recommendation: When working with a filter bag turn off the automatic cleaning system. When using a disposable bag leave the system on.

Supplied with: 1 x Antistatic Suction hose Ø32mm x 4m with Clip Connection, Auxiliary Air Control and Suction Adaptor, 1 x Antistatic Adaptor Ø25-32mm, 1 x PP Waste Disposal Bag, 1 x 445.118 PES L/M/H Flat-Fold Filter, 1 x 445.088 Class L/M Fleece Filter Bag, 2 x Hose Clips and 1 x L-BOXX® Holder.


Input Power: 1,400W
Max. Volume Flow: 4,500 l/min.
Max. Vacuum: 25,000Pa
Filter Surface: 5,000cm²
Container Volume: Dry 30 Litre, Wet 17 Litre
Power Take Off: 100-2,400W
Size (WxLxH): 565 x 385 x 565mm
Cable Length: 7.5m
Weight: 15.2kg

1 x Flex Power Tools VCE 33 M AC Vacuum Cleaner M Class 240 volt.

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